Employment for All


EMPLOYMENT for all by 2000

From Job-less Growth to Job-Led Growth

October 1993

Report of the Working Group
International Commission on Peace and Food
2352 Stonehouse Drive, Napa, California 94558


ICPF Working Group on Employment:

Garry Jacobs - Convenor
M. S. Swaminathan
Dragoslav Avramovic
Manfred Kulessa
Martin Lees
Robert Macfarlane
Victor Nazarenko
Robert van Harten
C. Subramaniam
G. Rangaswami
Ajit Bhalla



Executive Summary

Unemployment is a major cause of concern for governments around the world. The subject evokes pessimistic prophesies of a fast-approaching future in which tens of millions of people are unable to find jobs, technology replaces human labour, welfare systems collapse under an unbearable burden, children have less economic opportunity than their parents, and markets and governments are powerless to do anything about it. None of these outcomes is inevitable or even likely, provided society acts decisively to meet the challenge. A global overview of employment cannot do full justice to the special circumstances, problems and potentials of specific regions and countries, but it can address the growing perception and concern that employment has become a problem beyond the means of governments or the global economy to eradicate or even contain.

Employment is the essential basis for peace, food security and human development. When job opportunities are not available, social tensions and violence increase, threatening society. We are now capable of producing all the food and other basi