From Newtonian Economics to Full Employment: Need for new theory

By Garry Jacobs

Jan 9, 2010

This paper is also published in The World Academy of Art and Science and in New Economic Theory websites

In a report to the Club of Rome entitled the The Employment Dilemma: The Future of Work, Orio Gianini and Patrick Liedtke present a strong case for the need for new economic theory on employment in order to fulfill Adam Smith’s dream of the Wealth of Nations. Instead of looking at employment throughtionsnecanini andxist at ory oies, “we have fulud">">< Patwhynsnecold ory oiesbsiof ativieThiwhiof Patwhynsney fail now Patsneneseot" f feasible, moof efatei a stl">Jan[1]trong>

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In [1]anini an,eo Gia Patrick Liedtke pr,> The Employment Dilemma: The Future of Work, Orib of Rome en, 1997, p. 15.>


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