International Development

In 1978 MSS established a research program to examine international development issues including employment, inflation, banking and the transition of East European countries to market economies. Some of these studies were conducted in collaboration with the International Commission on Peace & Food, the World Academy of Art & Science, and other organizations.

For an overview of MSS projects in this field, please see International Development Projects

Uncommon Opportunities: An Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development
by ICPF, Zed Books, London, 1994
Uncommon OpportunitiesUncommon Opportunities The report of the International Commission on Peace and Food focuses on the 'uncommon opportunities' that have arisen as the world shifts into new alignments. These include the chance to tackle the problems of hunger and injustice at the root of so many of the global challenges confronting us not the least, the overriding challenge of nurturing a worldwide culture of peace.
The Commission delivers a message of hope - but hope rooted in the realities of human resourcefulness and practical measures that citizens' groups, governments and international institutions could take up. It is a message we all should heed and act upon.

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The Turn Towards Unity: Converting Crises into Opportunities
By Garry Jacobs,Paper presented at UNESCO Conference on Sustainable Development,
Dubrovnik, September 2011, Special World Academy of Art & Science Project "From Crisis to Prosperity",
Published in Cadmus Journal, October 2011

Employment in Global Knowledge Society
By Garry Jacobs, Presented at General Assembly of the World Academy of Art & Science,
Zagreb, Croatia, November 2005
Published in 'The Future of Knowledge'- Evolutionary Challenge of 21st Century, 2007

Human Choice, The Genetic Code for Social Development
By Harlan Cleveland and Garry Jacobs,
Published in 'Futures', Nov/Dec 1999

Currency & Price Reform in Russia
By Garry Jacobs, Published in 'Moscow News'
Weekly no. 34, 1992

Lessons of the Economic Transition in Russia
By Garry Jacobs, Member Secretary, Robert McFarlane, International Commission on Peace & Food, USA
Published in 'Moscow News', Weekly no. 33, 1992

World Software Gap - India Promotes Expertise Abroad
By Garry Jacobs, Published in 'Development Business'
United Nations, 16 December, 1984

Movement for World Development
By Garry Jacobs,
Published in 'The Hindu', May 10, 1978


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