Report on the Establishment of Computer Training Institutes

REPORT ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF COMPUTER TRAINING INSTITUTES IN <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />INDIA FOR EXPORT OF SOFTWARE CONSULTANCY SERVICES TO THE WEST<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Garry Jacobs

June 28, 1984

Recent studies conducted in Europe, North America and Japan indicate that by 1990 there will be a worldwide shortage of qualified computer programmers to provide software services for the rapidly increasing number of commercial, governmental, educational and research organizations which require them. The President of Intel, the largest manufacturer of computer chips in the USA, predicts that the US alone will require one million programmers by 1990. A report prepared in France indicates that 1,50,000 additional programmers would be required before the end of the decade.

A study by the Mother’s Service Society of Pondicherry reveals acute shortage are already being felt in many countries. Mr. Garry Jacobs of the Society has just returned from a tour of nine European nations and the USA where he met with some of the largest computer manufacturers and software houses in order to obtain first hand information on the situation. The companies he met were unanimous in the opinion that severe shortages of qualified programmers will be a problem confronting all the industrialized nations over the next five years. Many companies said that they are already finding it very difficult to recruit suitable personnel to meet the growing market demands. The President of Volmac, the largest Dutch software house with 1000 programmers, said that he was recruiting 200 new trainees this year, but most of those who applied lacked the minimum educational requirements or intellectual capacities for the job. Digital Equipment Corporation, America’s second largest computer manufacturer, is faced with a shortage of qualified programmers for most of their European branch offices. CAP Gemini, a French multinational software house with 4000 programmers in Europe and the USA, has an urgent need for additional personnel, particularly for their offices in Scandanavia, West Germany and the UK.

There are two basic reasons for the situation reported above: first, the very rapid growth of the computer industry which is permeating every sphere of life in the West; and second, the absence of centralized educational planning in these countries to meet the changing needs of society. Educational institutions have responded to the challenge, but very slowly and inadequately. Companies and governments are gradually awakening to the situation, but so far there has been little success in evolving coordinated national strategies to deal with.

India is ideally suited to accept the opportunity and the challenge afforded by this situation and exploit it for the welfare of the nation, while at the same time meeting a pressing vital need in the West. Whereas in the West the supply of high educated talents is unable to keep pace with the demands of economic growth, in India the reverse is true. Educational development in many spheres has outstripped the growth of employment opportunities"Ordean erae meetith o Cout vurpluJacobsnew tucated a shortage of qualified programreas in the tio andernmet the1:pt it, in India

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