The Evolution of Wealth & Human Security: The Paradox of Value and Uncertainty

By Orio Giarini and Garry Jacobs

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Life evolves by consciousness, consciousness evolves by organization. Human life evolves by a progressive heightening of our awareness, expansion of our knowledge, widening of our attitudes, and elevation of our values. This evolving human consciousness progressively expresses itself through the formulation and creation of more complex and effective organization – a seamlessly integrated, organic web of relationships encompassing ideas, knowledge, people, activities, processes, systems, technology, laws, institutions, power and values – political, economic, social, cultural, intellectual and psychological. The capacities of one person acting on his own are limited, but the action of organization has no limit. Organization creates abundance.

The evolution of economy is an integral part of the wider evolution of human consciousness and social organization. The history of economics and economic thought reflect this process. P>

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