Webinar on Mind, Thinking & Creativity

Webinar on Mind, Thinking & Creativity
March 9, 2016 at 4 pm GMT(11 am EST, 5 pm CET, 9:30 pm IST)

source url https://promictiliha.tk William Byers is the guest speaker of the webinar, which is moderated by Garry Jacobs. The panelists are Carlos Blanco, Zbigniew Bochniarz, Rodolfo Fiorini, Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, Mario Hytten, Winston Nagan and Zdravko Radman. miotrepganuzzlum.tk

Dr. Byers' presentation will be followed by shorter contributions by panelists and Q&A.

Future Education Conference

A one-day conference on Future Education in India was organized at Anandha Inn, Pondicherry on January 28, 2018 to consider the changes needed in our schools and to examine successful strategies that are already being applied by schools in India and overseas. 

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