Future Education Conference








January 28, 2018, Puducherry

The world is moving faster and faster. Information is multiplying more rapidly than anyone can organize or absorb it. Job requirements are changing before our eyes. Technology is creating new jobs and destroying existing ones. The type of education we offer will be a critical determinate of our success in meeting these challenges. We require rapid and radical changes in the way we educate youth to prepare them for success in the society that is emerging.

The one-day conference on Future Education was organized by The Mother's Service Society (MSS), an educational and social science research institute and owner of  Primrose School, Puducherry in collaboration with Mind Mingle Education, New Delhi, the World Academy of Art & Science and the World University Consortium, USA.

The conference examined the changes needed in our schools and provided an opportunity to know, learn and adopt the different innovative methodologies, strategies and ideas practiced in different schools across India and overseas.

This conference was a follow-up to the 1st & 2nd International Conferences on Future Education at the University of California at Berkeley on October 2-3, 2013 and at the University of Rome III on November 16-18, 2017. Click here for the report on International Conference on Future Education conducted in Rome, Italy by WAAS, WUC and MSS.

Welcome AddressJareena Begum
Principal, Primrose School

New Paradigm in EducationGarry Jacobs
Vice-President, MSS; CEO, WAAS & WUC

Aims of EducationAshok Natarajan
Secretary, The Mother’s Service Society

Essence of Educational InspirationVidya Rangan
Director, Primrose School

The lost 'Why?' of our school systemShakeel Ahmad
Co-founder, Mind Mingle, New Delhi

Student-Centered Learning, L. Kannan
Former Vice Chancellor, Thiruvalluvar University

Preparing for Future Challenges of LifeRitu Kohli
Principal, Eicher School, Faridabad, Haryana

International Trends, Ranjani Ravi
Associate Fellow, WAAS; Associate Editor, Cadmus Journal

Enhancing Employability, G. Senthilkumar
Chairman, Helikx Open School, Salem

What Employers WantS. S. Sreejith

Accelerated Technical TrainingS. Sairaman
Project Director, Consortium for Indian IT Education, Chennai

What Steve Jobs didn’t learn at School            
Senthil Inbarajan, 
Software Professional, US

Developing Entrepreneurs, Ramesh Kumar
Chief Executive, Chem Coats Ltd., Chennai

What Ought to be the Aim of Education?K. Srinivas
Prof. of Philosophy, Dean (i/c), Col. Dev. Council, Puducherry Univ.

Role and Responsibilities of Teachers, P. P. Mathur
HOD, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Puducherry Univ. 

Learn While You Earn, M. Chandrasekaran
Project Director, MSS, Puducherry

Memorization and Understanding, Latha Chandrasekaran
Senior Research Fellow, MSS, Puducherry

Early Childhood LearningM. Gayatri
Vice Principal, Primrose School, Puducherry

Holistic Contextual LearningShweta Rangan
Teacher, Primrose School, Puducherry

Teaching EtymologyS. Devakanni
President, SpellBee International, Chennai

Speed Reading and Composition, Vasugi Balaji
Research Analyst, MSS, Puducherry

Using Literature in TeachingJanani Ramanathan
Associate Fellow, World University Consortium, Chennai

Basic Contextual MathVani Senthil
Research Analyst, MSS, Puducherry

Math Science EducationYogaraj
Director of LOCUS Institute for Math-Science Education

Success StoriesArulmozhi Arasi
Programme Director, SpellBee International, Chennai

Character EducationA. Vijayakumar
Founder-President, I.N.D.I.A. Trust, Chennai

Community Development in Curriculum, T. Sudha
Principal, TVS Academy, Tamil Nadu

Early Childhood Education, Gaurav Nigam
Director, Modern International School, New Delhi

Voice of The StudentsMohammed Javeed Basha
Student, Primrose School, Puducherry


Toward A New Educational ParadigmGarry Jacobs
Vice-President, MSS; CEO, WAAS & WUC


Toward A New Educational ParadigmVidya Rangan
Director, Primrose School, Puducherry

Toward A New Educational ParadigmNaveen Sharma
Director, Mind Mingle, New Delhi