New Self Employment Opportunities in India

An Opportunity - Win Cash Awards

Human Science is looking for researchers who can provide detailed information and examples of new types of self employment or home employment opportunities that did not exist before 1990.


Each report should include:

  1. Description of the type of work.
  2. Skills required.
  3. Requirements such as capital, equipment etc.
  4. Level of income that can be generated.
  5. At least one real example of an entrepreneur with the name and contact details including address, phone and email address.
  6. Identification of other people undertaking the same or similar work (as many as possible).
  7. Estimate the total market demand for this type of work (if the data is available.)
  8. Estimate the total present number of people engaged in this type of work (if the data is available.)


  1. Completed research reports should be hosted as a new page click here here.
  2. Include [[Category: Jobs Research]] at the end of your review article and click on create button.
  3. After you make your page, please mentioning the url of your page.
  4. We will look at your work immediately and get back to you by email. You can give us your postal address or paypal account or bank details when you hear from us.


Every report that gets approved will be awarded cash prices ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 1000 depending upon the quality, accuracy and verifiability of information.