Post-Graduate Certificate Course on Human-Centered Economics

Human Centered Economics

the post graduate level certificate course/lecture series

Human-Centered Economics

Feb 1 - Feb 3, 2017

The multidimensional challenges confronting humanity today are human-made and can be changed by a change in thought and action. Contemporary economic thought is built on a mind-frame that originated prior to the Industrial Revolution when scarcity of goods in a world of abundant resources was the primary concern, economic growth was considered synonymous with human welfare, and impact of humanity on the environment was completely ignored. Without challenging obvious flaws in existing theory, it will be not be possible to significantly alter current policies and practices.

The overall aim of the course is to (a) demonstrate why mainstream neo-classical economic theory is inappropriate for dealing with the global challenges of the c.21st, and (b) explore alternative approaches for achieving ecologically sustainable, human-centered development and welfare for all.

This course will present the findings of a five year research program of the World Academy of Art & Science and the on-going work of the New Economic Theory working group. It will harness the best available ideas and practices on human-centred, sustainable economy to create informative, authoritative and compelling educational and communication tools with the power to challenge and alter university level education in Economics, public policy, business decisions, media coverage and general public opinion regarding how the world economy should and can work for the betterment of all humanity.


Garry Jacobs, Chairman & CEO, World University Consortium.

Goran Bandov, Vice Dean, Dag Hammarskjöld University College of International Relations & Diplomacy, Zagreb, Croatia.

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Post-Graduate Certificate Course/Roundtable in
Human Centered Economics

February 1-3, 2017, Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Garry Jacobs,
CEO, World Academy of Art & Science

Alberto Zucconi,
President, Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy

Winston Nagan,
Professor of Law, University of Florida, USA

Ivo Šlaus,
Honorary President, World Academy of Art & Science


Zbigniew Bochniarz
Trustee, WAAS; Professor, Kozminski University (Warsaw), University of Washington (Seattle) and Harvard Business School

Stefan Brunnhuber
Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer, Diakonie Hospital, Germany; Vice-Chairman of the European Institute of Health; Fellow, WAAS

Barry Gills
Professor, Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki; Former Professor of Global Politics, Newcastle University, UK; Fellow, WAAS

Erich Hoedl
Vice-President, European Academy for Sciences and Arts; Former Rector, Wuppertal University and Graz University of Technology; Fellow, WAAS

Garry Jacobs
Social Science & Management; Chief Executive Officer, World Academy of Art & Science; Chairman of the Board, World University Consortium.

An Krumberger
Co-founder & Director, Council One; Co-founder, RedRock Education Ltd.; Associate Fellow, WAAS

Grazyna Lesniak-Lebkowska
Professor, Warsaw School of Economics

Winston Nagan
Chairman of the Board, WAAS; Professor of Law, University of Florida; Director, WUC

Dan Oncica-Sanislav
Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Management & Systems Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Associate Trainer, Telekom Romania; Member, Romanian Academic Society of Manangement

Stephen Park
Dean, Office of International Affairs and Professor of Human Resource Management, Kyung Hee University, South Korea.

Radmilo Pesic
Professor of Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Thomas Reuter
Professor, Indonesian Studies (anthropology) at Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne; Executive member, International Social Science Council; Fellow, WAAS

Neantro Saavedra-Rivano
Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba, Japan; Associate Fellow, WAAS.

Ivo Šlaus
Honorary President, WAAS; Vice Chair of IUC Council; Dean, Dag Hammarskjold University College of International Relations and Diplomacy, Zagreb: Director, WUC

Joe St Clair
Executive Director, The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research; Freelance Writer

Tibor Tóth
Ambassador, Executive Secretary Emeritus, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization PC; Trustee, WAAS

Pascal van Griethuysen
Research Fellow, UNRISD; Executive-in-Residence, Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

Alberto Zucconi
President, Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy; Treasurer, World Academy of Art & Science; Secretary General, World University Consortium


Post-Graduate Certificate Course/Roundtable in
Human Centered Economics

February 1-3, 2017, Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia


February 1, 2017







I. Šlaus



Overview of WAAS Research on NET

G. Jacobs (Presentation)

W. Nagan

A. Zucconi

T. Reuter


Problems of Contemporary Economics − Need for New Theory

P. van Griethuysen(Presentation)

E. Hoedl(Presentation | Paper)

R. Pesic (Presentation)

B. Gills


Political & Legal Foundations for Sustainable Economy and Full Employment

W. Nagan(Presentation)

T. Tóth

E. Hoedl


Ecological Foundations and Limits of Sustainable Economy

P. van Griethuysen(Presentation | Paper)

S. Brunnhuber (Presentation)

N. Saavedra-Rivano

R. Pesic (Presentation)

February 2, 2017






Principles of Sustainable Economy

T. Reuter (Presentation)

D. Oncica-Sanislav (Paper | Presentation)

R. Pesic (Presentation)

S. Brunnhuber


Forms of Capital

N. Saavedra-Rivano (Paper | Presentation)

T. Reuter 

E. Hoedl

W. Nagan


Money & Financial Markets

S. Brunnhuber (Paper | Presentation)

G. Jacobs (Presentation)

P. van Griethuysen (Presentation)

N. Saavedra-Rivano


Integration of Economy and Management in Theory & Practice

Z. Bochniarz (Paper | Presentation)

G. Lesniak-Lebkowska (Presentation)

Stephen Yong-Seung Park (Presentation)

February 3, 2017






Relation of Economy & Social Power

E. Hoedl (Paper | Presentation)

W. Nagan

G. Jacobs

A. Zucconi


Evolution of Economy

B. Gills (Paper 1 | Paper 2)

Z. Bochniarz (Presentation)

J. St Clair (Presentation)

R. Pesic (Presentation)


Toward Human Centered Theory of Economy & Society

A. Zucconi (Presentation)

S. Park (Presentation)

B. Gills

W. Nagan


Transition to a New Paradigm in Economy

T. Tóth (Presentation)

J. St Clair

G. Lesniak-Lebkowska (Presentation)

D. Oncica-Sanislav (Presentation)


Conclusions & Next Steps

A. Objectives of Cape Town Conference

B. Future work of New Economic Theory Working Group (NET WG)

I. Šlaus

G. Jacobs

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  • Toward Human Centered Theory of Economy & Society
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