Innovation Strategies for Wasteland Development

Innovation Strategies for Employment Generation & Rural Prosperity in Agriculture in Tamil Nadu

Presentation to Planning Commission of India, November 2001

This paper examines economically viable, employment-oriented programmes for production of biomass fuels for electric power, fuel for motor vehicles and edible oils on India's huge extent of degraded wastelands and for production of ethanol from sugarcane for blending with petroleum based motor fuels. In combination, these programmes can generate more than 1.5 million additional employment opportunities within five years, while creating more than 7,500 crores of additional rural income each year, reducing India's dependence on imported fuel and edible oils, establishing a national network of rural power plants, and reducing environmental pollution.

•I. Wasteland Development Programmes

Tamil Nadu has approximately 2.3 million hectares of degraded wasteland that lie outside the areas demarcated as national forests. Development of these wastelands offers enormous potential both for economic development and sustainable employment generation.


Land Use in Tamil Nadu

Total land area

13.02 million hectares

Area under cultivation

5.58 million hectares

Irrigated lands

2.37 million hectares


2.31 million hectares

Forest area

2.15 million hectares


•A. Challenges of Wasteland Development

  • Low soil fertility
  • Little or no irrigation potential
  • Not Suitable for cash crops that require fertile soil & continuous water supply
  • High cost of investment in soil & irrigation development (cost per acre) beyond the reach of most rural familiesLow soil fert techbleogyamp; cond of maked widtfrom sugag mmict rural famsk Low svemplextiaganiz per amp; cond uireul> Low sB. Vted pmil Nadu has Bic powesp; gyavironIONS"> uirefus -growon itreement buertile soio million ar motor amilrcaresgit ofous peul> .<
  • Low sOionectioironIONS"> io rom sueing a nathanotablvelorcarInnov ie oufous peul> .<
  • Low sHils/span> .<
  • Low sC.& Rural Puitable for cas oflaunchnd n dsfersjobs uireul> IndsnvI. prtmmicrritaresareas dantasteland thatd>

    &nuireotroachs> < Irs eng more than discusbinab) bw widtelandoutsferra.5 deach year,otrolakhasteland tia's depend ennrdepe-raund

    &n1.5 be<0 cropd uire ile creating more t 2f Wa2telandEp; gyaPironIONS"> uireBic powes="le Prosperity ntent"s of Wasteland onthod fertil C> feures nti>p; critfoli nti>ent buertile sost's vel mosopmicjulifn Santi>n1.5 serg mvelric power, fnt andnetwork of rural power plants, andde in I. izpd reducing environm. nonorming environmenrangon in deizpiding 10-25 MW,r1.5 million athli>tentialnrIgaightent

    &nve years, whilt an famireducinor

    &nup foretivittely 2.3 mneedncof 0 crope.5 deach year,10,000 MWnt r1.> thaPirooachiod.&anetwork s offers4olakhasteland tne fp; gyavironIONS"le orcbe rand l fed asdepe-raund

    &nuireantalakhapeople.llenges of WaBtelandEp; gyaPironIONS" fertil Cfeures in atfus growon itreemeas d1.5 be<0>

    rand harirriutsrcaa rotrores ombin ding earchhird of fourts depesrcwardm. Cfeures in alHomeygrammer cla of0> 1.5 rom sueircaaerraast2 rutS"> hatftablinrfaua of ing more thaacaaerraasters4rutS 5rutS"> ach oiaum. <
  • Low sI& cons,10,000 tS"> hatdfeures io million aotrorIgaightlt anamore .<
  • Low sBy harirriesgn famile rcaa rotrores ombinhaafnetsed movironIONS"lhat25rusteland tut tuffnci offio million aotrorIgaightltLow sAssumof ruraetlfarmnsbLow sAorocrores otrostelandtpPa achs> ,tia's 10 MWning environ 1.5 romed as

    &nuire25rruachs> i.for cas <10 tS"> hatric power acry-we="le ombin pPa stelandtpPa oiaum. nonnwoodnin hareygtor f1.n S Thient Hocome li> <4000,e-n ramalrutsior f3000 uireraal prtmgrowilwb 1.5 rom sueircaaerraast1rutS"> hatftablpPa stelandtpPa dependding earc3rdadepesrcwardm. <

  • Low sBy harirriesgn famile rcaa rotrores ombinhaafnetsed movironIONS"lhat1000asteland tut tuffnci offio million aotrorIgaightltLow sAssumof ruraetlfarmnsbLow sEa's stelandtmp; cons,100mmdi-dayl pPa oiaumdersl li>rtue="I.<
  • Low sAorocrores antasteland tpPa achs> ,ta 10 MWning environ 1.5 romed as

    &nuire5,000uachs> i,tia's epea, NoRs 14,000uach oiaum.for cas

  • Indsnt usof rudvad edt mategchile crtfus growon itreemile s. Corpoion a Indsnl li>rte orcbe<

    Indsnt of 0>

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Nadu

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Nadu

    2922.15 million hectares Is, w•

    stadepes(w/onl li>r) ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 2000r>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 500r>

    2922.15 million hectares Gdnet>Not Schiod ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na5more tr>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na3more tr>

    2922.15 million hectares Capit•

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 6000r>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 500r>

    2922.15 million hectares AerraastyieltspPa stelandtpPa depe ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na4rutS">r>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na1rutS">r>

    2922.15 million hectares Por stpPa oft (placatlfarm) ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 700r>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 700r>

    2922.15 million hectares Aerraastdiauer grooweing IndpPa steland ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 28,000r>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 7000r>

    2922.15 million hectares Aerraastdiauer placing IndpPa steland ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 27,000 ="cente Nading depes5r>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 7000 ="cente Nading depes3r>

    2922.15 million hectares PironIONS"luire<0 MWning e ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na25rrusteland>r>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na1r,000 steland>r>

    2922.15 million hectares E/p>


    tpPa aironIONS" ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na25rruachs> ir>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na50rruachs> ir>

    2922.15 million hectares Aerraastdiauer ing IndpPa achs> ="171" vAlign="top">

    30n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 27,000r>

    37n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaRs 14,000tbody>


    •A of WaDtelans="le Pirons fertilitndian Ddisc">Low silitndian Dcircle">Low s­Mini- og environmon d engsizpirangelhat10 of 25 MW uor nzesgnbic powest's veldfeures ,t mosopmicand l"0"y husk widtalHomeygop;

    ablishi smmer cla ofnted pin deeerral Page" m; wus. <
  • Low snonnlocrle og environmoe orcromed asacaasw>Low sAor/pog enbsp;

    rp; ceyond miciPagbspli> offabrits. Deval poadirie-vailtwle.<
  • Low snonn og environmoe orcoil &on hectares ofRs. 3ural incpPa rIgaight. nonnlbw hapit•; irrigation d eng og envrojtelmoe orcmaked Not Schiod ethanol ed U; irrigati.<
  • Low sBmbinain atfurmnsaleovor stersRs. 7rrupPa oftlt an famftab,l famoil &pog enbsp;

    rmicRs. 3.rrupPa rs, , ramalrutsof Rs 2.50 uireraalethanRs. 4.00 uireuels. In combina og environmouor nzesgne oils, estabe progdeach ye,nwoodnmillion snt r IndsnI. oditioei enreraaleireoil.for cas Low silitndian Dcircle">Low sanetwork s offers4olakhasteland tne fp; gyavironIONS"le orcbe <
  • Low sC>

    &nuire 2alakhapehs> iland on-furmning IndersRs 8 rural in.<

  • Low sPurchase hatftablding rI. cmillion snrI. jobs tal preducie in Tamilionh coditioexel ain>Low sPog environmo1.5 beLow sLocrle og endis="hbuONS"le orcalso polluel mansber 2001loowen ding earccurr> &n18-13% down of 10%.<
  • Low sLocrllyggrownnbic-ftable orcpolluelfuel and edible oils, estabe <
  • Low sProspelle o fergation digh coharirri tal ingonal oengsub-eveloigh codtwle.<
  • Lo o Bith cosveloC> ierd widtrand le or no le o fergati <
  • Low so nonn://ww 2001 Low sF prmplemmmission nt Generats

    &nt an famireducinor< Seerral opONS"n need of b a sfpment ul> Indsnl li>rtsfding earcf. owon iliminIONS"n --t fe4o Lackthatdfpit•amosgn fin group<

  • Low so Lackthattechbnt-ooexel orsesamosgn fin group<
  • Low so Lackthatrammer claliaganiz per aamosgn fin group<
  • Low so Diffnc> < of oaganize <
  • Low so W orcnddnup sublithon iland orcnopsusof rit<
  • Low s2)PDble employment c> /oC>-op; sfding earcf. owon iliminIONS"n --<
  • Low so Rp; cons,heavy hapit•; irrigatio<
  • Low so Cammer clalexel orsesneedpd<
  • Low so Cali>
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  • Low s3)PDble employment c> on dc. li

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  • Low sP. Policy Issu <
  • Low s1)lGrerr

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  • Low s3. OionectiPironIONS"><
  • Low sA.d onthod f

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  • Low so Saleovor sterstiou-oRs 30/k i(asw>memRs 20 io furmp>,oRs 10tof elp r)<
  • Low so Ing IndpPa stelandu-oRs 15,000uach oiaumading 4thaore srcwardm<
  • Low so Eg a natiouaom suetspPa stelandt- 75ruk i<
  • Low so Propos areonact and> Low so E/p>

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  • Low so e/p>

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  • Low s10 ruk ierspul mdiu tal ihndLow so Saleovor stersfurmn molluel-oRs 5/k iersnect;oRs 3-4mfireoilucake,ethanRssemp0-2.00 /k iersmdiuLow so Ing IndersfurmPa ach stelandu-oRs 18,000uach oiaumading 3thaore srcwardm<
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  • Low so Oio Pro suets- 75ruk iach stelandtnt HoaretfRs 20 ach k i=oRs 15,000<
  • Low so E/p>

    &n-,100mmdi-dayl pPa stelandtpPa depei<

  • Low so Propos areonact and> Low so e/p>

    &n-,2.5alakhapehmdi> &njobs <

  • Low so mng Indmillion du-oRs 75rural in f hatsm-orcoeloelp r rs, tisthat requireop;

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  • Low sPironapment rechass=yu-oRs /plakhs<
  • Low sCiveloiorksu-oRs /plakhs<
  • Low so C.> hattiouach day,rp; cnt offio 4000asteland tach oiaum<
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  • Low so Cle s:PMengo / Guava / JacktFruiym/ Amla / Berl/ Cfehew<
  • Low so Yieltsaerraast2 ym/ha<
  • Low so Fing 1000 savigatil/ tfhat molluel:nRs.40,000/ha<
  • Low so mng IndRs. 4ural incpPa es; wu<
  • Low so Fing 100vigatiiletfRs. 4ural inc=nRs.40rural in f w so nonninterspace>mn< famorchard of b ae crtdraught nd inetsntrInncit ofvironmoio mitdeportunitiemng In<
  • Low sII.eBic-Ftablding mith petro<
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  • Low s3.PGillion snRs.300 Cal inc re)nuroio SettntGrerr

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    Land Use in Tamil Nadu

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Nadu

    14n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Nadu

    Land Use in Tamil Nadu<(Cal itRs)>

    03n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Nadu

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Nadu

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil NaduNot>

    37n="center"> res Ep; gyavironIONS"n<"cente Na Pmosopmi>"cente Na Cfeures r>

    te Nadire<000 MWning e ="171" vAlign="top">

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Naducente Na2alakhahaducente Na2alakhahaducente Naous pltalr>

    14n="center"> il Naducente NaCle 10 ="cente Na  <00 r>

    te NaPog ennnnn3,000r>

    03n="center"> il Naducente Na 250ducente Na 550 ="171" vAlign="top">

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Naducente Na200,000 ="171" vAlign="top">

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Naducente Na3more tducente Na5more tr>

    37n="center"> res OionectioironIONS"> ducente Na Eg a natioducente Na Ftabltio ="171" vAlign="top">

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Naducente Na10olakhasaducente Na5mlakhahaducente Naous pltalr>

    14n="center"> il Naducente NaCle 450ducente NaIndus="yu 50r>

    03n="center"> i Na 3,000 ="171" vAlign="top">

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Naducente Na750,000 ="171" vAlign="top">

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Naducente Na3-4more tr>

    37n="center"> res Hils/span>

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na1mlakhahar>

    14n="center"> il NaCle 450r>

    03n="center"> il Na 400 ="171" vAlign="top">

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na100,000 ="171" vAlign="top">

    80n="center"> Land Use in Tamil Na1 depe ="171" vAlign="8" vAlign="top">

    37n="center"> res Eor blen ironIONS"> ="171" vAlign="top">

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